Regulatory and Risk Management for Extended Care

Surveys, audits, inspections and other compliance challenges have become a way of life for extended care providers. McKesson's regulatory compliance and risk management services can help you manage these tasks and meet and exceed whatever financial or clinical requirements you face. 
Successful compliance starts with robust clinical documentation of the care provided by long-term care, skilled-nursing, rehabilitation, sub-acute care, long-term acute care, home care or hospice organizations or services. Our rules-driven clinical document tools prompt you to record all the services and supplies provided to your patients and the resulting clinical outcomes. That documentation, in turn, supports the coding you use to bill payers for the specific type of extended care you provide. Our integrated technologies also streamline the reporting of quality metrics to various accrediting bodies and federal programs, reducing your administrative cost and risk for financial penalties. This information also helps providers demonstrate their value to potential referral sources such as ACOs and health systems.
Take the uncertainty out of compliance with McKesson's regulatory and risk management tools tailored to the unique billing, documentation and reporting needs of your extended-care organization or service.